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Fashion cartoon # 2014-08-06 (1 of 271)

Mr. Potato Head’s Spudo

mr. potato head, beach, tanning, bathing suit, embarrass, skimpy, flirt,

Fashion cartoon # 2014-07-21 (2 of 271)

Nude Birthday Suit

birthday, party, celebrate, suit, naked, invitation, arrive, theme, pattern, guest,

Fashion cartoon # 2014-07-02 (3 of 271)

Overdressed For Desert


overdressed, lost, desert, stranded, hot, heat, sand, suit,

Fashion cartoon # 2014-06-04 (4 of 271)

Overweight Hippo Dolls

hippo, toy, doll, mother, girl, unrealistic, proportion, measurement, overweight, large,

Fashion cartoon # 2014-05-21 (5 of 271)

Potatoheads Meet Potato Torsos

potatohead, head, torso, face, clothing, meet, host, guest, couple,

Fashion cartoon # 2014-05-20 (6 of 271)

Mickey Tries On Mini

mickey mouse, minnie mouse, clothes, mini skirt, crossdress, shocked, change,

Fashion cartoon # 2014-04-24 (7 of 271)

Poodle’s Shaved Maze

poodle, fur, cut, shave, maze, design, pattern, embarrass, dog owner,

Fashion cartoon # 2014-04-22 (8 of 271)

Black Slims Moon

planet, earth, moon, slimming, shape, crescent, size, black, space,

Fashion cartoon # 2014-03-07 (9 of 271)

Pollution Covered Snowmen

snowman, car, pollution, soot, dirty, black, street,

cartoon # 2014-01-26 (10 of 271)

Bacteria Stronger T Shirt

bacteria, cell, t shirt, slogan, kill, strong, strength, strain, resistant,

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