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Embarrassed cartoon # 2015-02-25 (1 of 90)

Menopause saves on heating bills

signs, indication, indications, reduce, reducing, energy, efficient,

Embarrassed cartoon # 2015-02-17 (2 of 90)

Dog owner uses a cordless leash

dog, leash, lie, cordless, cop, embarrassed, dog owner, rule, break,

Embarrassed cartoon # 2014-10-30 (3 of 90)

Autocorrect To Boob

ghost, text, boo, boob, autocorrect, smartphone, annoy, angry, wrong, error,

Embarrassed cartoon # 2014-05-22 (4 of 90)

Aiport Insecurity

airport, travel, xray machine, security, laugh, insecure, baggage, embarrass,

Embarrassed cartoon # 2014-05-14 (5 of 90)

Embarrassing Dog’s Spots

dog, spot, shape, complain, vain, embarrassed, cat, heart, shape,

Embarrassed cartoon # 2014-04-24 (6 of 90)

Poodle’s Shaved Maze

poodle, fur, cut, shave, maze, design, pattern, embarrass, dog owner,

Embarrassed cartoon # 2014-03-06 (7 of 90)

Fish Eats Anglerfish’s Lure

fish, anglerfish, prey, predator, dark, light, embarrass,

Embarrassed cartoon # 2014-02-20 (8 of 90)

Dog’s Browser History

dog, internet, computer, web browser, embarrassing, pornography, history, track,

Embarrassed cartoon # 2013-12-04 (9 of 90)

Pine Tree Drops Needles

pine tree, naked, needles, drop, behavior, discipline, embarrass, laugh,

Embarrassed cartoon # 2013-01-26 (10 of 90)

Cat Steals Toupee

cat, ruin, guest, relationship, toupee, steal, embarrassment,

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