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Editing cartoon # 2013-09-21 (1 of 18)

Thief Misspells Stickup In Note

thief, stickup, note, correct, bank, grammar, spelling, revise, edit,

Editing cartoon # 2012-11-12 (2 of 18)

Photoshop Bigger Horns

KEYWORD1 2012-11-12 relationship relationships date dates dating boyfriend boyfriends girlf

Editing cartoon # 2011-05-25 (3 of 18)

Eggs and Ham

KEYWORD1 2011-05-25 teach teacher teachers teaching class classroom classes classrooms

Editing cartoon # 2011-05-09 (4 of 18)

Lucas Edits Sister

KEYWORD1 2011-05-09 family parent parents parenting mom moms mother mothers

Editing cartoon # 2010-03-11 (5 of 18)

Petty Proofreading

KEYWORD1 2010-03-11 petty pettiness proofread proofreads proofreading editing edit edits

Editing cartoon # 2010-03-03 (6 of 18)

Tattoo Shop

KEYWORD1 2010-03-03 tattoo tattoos body art misspell misspelling spelling name names

cartoon # 2010-02-07 (7 of 18)

Photoshopped Dating

KEYWORD1 2010-02-07 relationship relationships date dates dating embarrass embarrassed emba

cartoon # 2010-01-10 (8 of 18)

Fish Birthday Message

KEYWORD1 2010-01-10 fish ocean oceans sea seas water wet sea life

Editing cartoon # 2009-04-29 (9 of 18)

Unedited Gravestone

KEYWORD1 2009-04-29 too bad his editor dies first editor editors writer writers headstone he

Editing cartoon # 2008-03-15 (10 of 18)

The Proof Readers' Daily Calendar

KEYWORD1 2008-03-15 calendar calendars daily dailies daily calendar daily calendars proof p

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