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Dying cartoon # 2014-11-26 (1 of 113)

Farmer Brown Gets Nothing

turkey, will, death, farmer brown, lawyer, suspicious, distrustful,

Dying cartoon # 2014-11-21 (2 of 113)

Fish Bones Left

cat, fish, cat owner, kill, bones, feed, sleep, casual, pretend,

Dying cartoon # 2014-11-07 (3 of 113)

Domestic Vs Wild Turkey

turkey, will, chick, domestic, wild, girlfriend, family, children,

Dying cartoon # 2014-10-08 (4 of 113)

Texting Mummy

mummy, coffin, disappointed, listen, conversation, texting, smartphone,

Dying cartoon # 2014-09-26 (5 of 113)

Popular Roadkill

roadkill, fly, eat, carcass, decompose, popular, busy, crowded,

Dying cartoon # 2014-09-20 (6 of 113)

Roadkill Funeral

roadkill, funeral, coffin, possum, flattened, interstate, crossing, dead, car,

Dying cartoon # 2014-09-15 (7 of 113)

Grim Reaper Theme Park

grim reaper, theme park, fail, bad idea, death, imply, thought, rollercoaster,

Dying cartoon # 2014-09-09 (8 of 113)

Wicked Witch Ice Bucket Challenge

wicked witch of the west, ice bucket challenge, ice, cold, pour, melt, kill, wrong, charity,

Dying cartoon # 2014-08-22 (9 of 113)

Never-ending Train Ride

train, passenger, nonstop, unending, skeleton, die, age, old, long,

Dying cartoon # 2014-08-16 (10 of 113)

Zombie Zero Blood Pressure

zombie, doctor, blood pressure, test, exam, zero, dead, health,

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