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Drinking cartoon # 2013-04-15 (41 of 306)

S Has Surgery To Become Dollar Sign

plastic surgery, appearance, letter, dollar sign, gossip,

Drinking cartoon # 2013-04-13 (42 of 306)

Wealthy Dog Is From Famous Poker Painting

dog, poker game, wealthy, party, gossip, rumor, jealousy, cheating,

cartoon # 2013-03-17 (43 of 306)

Saint Patrick’s Day Green Character Party

uninvited, character, green, party, saint patrick’s day, pink panther, color, parody,

Drinking cartoon # 2013-03-16 (44 of 306)

Leprechaun’s 50 Shades Of Green

saint patrick’s day, leprechaun, flirting, books, 50 shades of grey,

Drinking cartoon # 2013-03-12 (45 of 306)

Door Gets Rejected For Being Pushy

door, flirting, pushy, rejection, drinking,

Drinking cartoon # 2013-02-23 (46 of 306)

Girlfriend Jumping Like Puppy

dating, puppy, excitement, jumping, cheating, girlfriend,

Drinking cartoon # 2013-02-12 (47 of 306)

Fly Has Shoo Fetish

fly, shoo, flirting, drinking, fetish, attraction, rejection,

Drinking cartoon # 2013-01-29 (48 of 306)

Recycled Cup Green Tea

recycle, green tea, environment, café, dislike, taste,

Drinking cartoon # 2013-01-18 (49 of 306)

Wines’ Thermostat Set Too Cold

wine, temperature, hot, cold, serve, chilled, bottle,

Drinking cartoon # 2013-01-01 (50 of 306)

Dumped Christmas Trees

Christmas tree, comiserate,

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