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cartoon # 1997-03-16 (31 of 42)


KEYWORD1 1997-03-16 chicken chickens hen hens fowl bouillon cube cubes

Difficulty cartoon # 1995-11-04 (32 of 42)


KEYWORD1 1995-11-04 word words language languages english write writing run on sentence

cartoon # 1995-05-28 (33 of 42)

Toontown Barber

KEYWORD1 1995-05-28 cartoon cartoons comic comics comic strip comic strips cartoon character

Difficulty cartoon # 1994-07-02 (34 of 42)


KEYWORD1 1994-07-02 task tasks rats spider spiders arachnid arachnids insect

Difficulty cartoon # 1994-03-22 (35 of 42)


KEYWORD1 1994-03-22 probe probes nasa saturn neptune technology programming programmed

Difficulty cartoon # 1993-09-20 (36 of 42)


KEYWORD1 1993-09-20 hell damnation damned inferno flame flames fire fires

Difficulty cartoon # 1993-05-04 (37 of 42)


KEYWORD1 1993-05-04 snake snakes serpent serpents animal animals family families

Difficulty cartoon # 1993-04-29 (38 of 42)


KEYWORD1 1993-04-29 monkey monkeys ape apes primate primates animal animals

Difficulty cartoon # 1993-01-22 (39 of 42)


KEYWORD1 1993-01-22 buzz buzzing fly flies bug bugs insect insects

Difficulty cartoon # 1992-12-28 (40 of 42)


KEYWORD1 1992-12-28 ski skis skiing skier skiers winter snow snowing

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