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Depression cartoon # 2014-12-26 (1 of 28)

Christmas Tree Therapy

christmas tree, gifts, therapy, sad, selfish, depressed, under,

Depression cartoon # 2014-08-30 (2 of 28)

Types Of Music Balls

ball, types, disco, punk, country, blues, rap, jazz, decoration, represent,

Depression cartoon # 2014-06-05 (3 of 28)

Vincent’s Ear As Dog Toy

vincent van gogh, ear, dog, toy, girlfriend, mistake, love,

Depression cartoon # 2013-07-08 (4 of 28)

Sad Cartoon Characters Denied Happy Hour

eeyore, charlie brown, droopy, bar, happy hour, drink, bouncer, deny, entrance,

Depression cartoon # 2013-03-06 (5 of 28)

Snake’s Empty Nest

snake, psycology, therapy, empty nest, eggs, depression,

Depression cartoon # 2013-01-01 (6 of 28)

Dumped Christmas Trees

Christmas tree, comiserate,

Depression cartoon # 2012-10-08 (7 of 28)

Columbus feels blue sailing the ocean

Christopher Columbus, sad,

Depression cartoon # 2012-06-19 (8 of 28)

Lonely Sun

KEYWORD1 2012-06-19 sun star stars sky skies space outer space hot

Depression cartoon # 2009-01-16 (9 of 28)

People Who Talk about Economy

KEYWORD1 2009-01-16 economy recession depression industry industries finance finances fail

Depression cartoon # 2008-05-02 (10 of 28)

iPod for Menopause

KEYWORD1 2008-05-02 music rock and roll rock music singer singers musician musicians rock s

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