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Dark cartoon # 2014-11-03 (1 of 35)

Charlie Black

charlie brown, rebel, punk, gothic, style, teenager, change,

Dark cartoon # 2014-10-25 (2 of 35)

Creature From Black Lagoon Selfies

creature from the black lagoon, camera, selfie, photograph, black, dark,

Dark cartoon # 2014-08-23 (3 of 35)

Darkening Contacts

contacts, darken, sunlight, protect, pupil, eye, large, change, adjust,

Dark cartoon # 2014-05-07 (4 of 35)

New Follower

follower, smartphone, dark, street, walk, alone, twitter, new, worry,

Dark cartoon # 2014-04-09 (5 of 35)

Tunnel Of Louvre

tunnel, paris, museum, louvre, love, boat, ride, fine art, mona lisa, statue, pyramid,

Dark cartoon # 2014-03-06 (6 of 35)

Fish Eats Anglerfish’s Lure

fish, anglerfish, prey, predator, dark, light, embarrass,

cartoon # 2013-12-01 (7 of 35)

Darth Vader Regrets Darksaber

star wars, parody, darth vader, lightsaber, dark, regret, fight, defend, unprotected,

Dark cartoon # 2013-10-17 (8 of 35)

Monsters Exercise To Fit Under Beds

Monsters exercise to keep weight off to fit under kid’s beds.

Dark cartoon # 2013-09-25 (9 of 35)

Darth Vader Mistakenly Goes To Dockside

darth vader, dark side, dockside, restaurant, wrong, mistake,

Dark cartoon # 2013-08-30 (10 of 35)

Vampire’s Sundress Gift

vampire, gift, sundress, passive-aggressive, emotion, light, darkness,

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