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Crime cartoon # 2013-08-06 (11 of 226)

Cat In Burglar’s Lap

cat, burglar, thief, lap, purr, steal, caught,

cartoon # 2013-08-04 (12 of 226)

Tie Dye Tie Died

tie, cop, mystery, death, tie dye, investigate, outline,

Crime cartoon # 2013-07-27 (13 of 226)

Artistic License Revoked

artist, license, revoke, police, wrong, wolverine, claw, number, comic,

Crime cartoon # 2013-06-06 (14 of 226)

Man Says Clothes Are Reason for Arrest

police, thief, stereotype, profiling, arrest, assume, assumption, dress, look,

Crime cartoon # 2013-03-28 (15 of 226)

Novice Pickpocket Rips Pants

pickpocket, theif, novice, ripped, pants, stealing, gentler, learning,

Crime cartoon # 2013-02-22 (16 of 226)

Full Beak Reveals Pelican Thief

pelican, thief, police, rob, beak, hide,

Crime cartoon # 2013-01-22 (17 of 226)

Tree Falls In The Woods

tree, sound, investigation, crime, murdered, questioning,

cartoon # 2013-01-13 (18 of 226)

Thief Identifies Victim

police, thief, steal, police lineup, woman, elderly, identify, reverse,

Crime cartoon # 2012-12-21 (19 of 226)

Police find Santa’s fingerprints are Jewish residence.

Santa Claus, police, breaking, fingerprints, Jewish,

Crime cartoon # 2012-12-15 (20 of 226)

Consumer Police Reports 16

consumer police reports,

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