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Cookies cartoon # 2014-10-18 (1 of 68)

Goreos Parody Oreos

oreo, package, goreo, gore, cookie, body part, sandwich cookie, parody,

Cookies cartoon # 2014-10-16 (2 of 68)

Head South to Banana Bread House

witch, gingerbread house, banana bread, south, snowbird, move,

Cookies cartoon # 2014-07-29 (3 of 68)

Fortune Cookie Guru

hike, mountain, hiker, guru, fortune cookie, read, advice, disappointment,

Cookies cartoon # 2014-04-23 (4 of 68)

Snake Loses Touch

snake, convince, dad, kids, apple, junk food, disappointed, adam and eve, bible story,

Cookies cartoon # 2014-03-12 (5 of 68)

Snowflake’s Fortune

snowflake, fortune cookie, prediction, snow, falling, weather, chance,

Cookies cartoon # 2014-02-20 (6 of 68)

Dog’s Browser History

dog, internet, computer, web browser, embarrassing, pornography, history, track,

Cookies cartoon # 2014-01-23 (7 of 68)

Cover Gingerbread In Whipped Cream

gingerbread, whipped cream, cover, kinky, weird, icing, gingerbread man,

Cookies cartoon # 2013-12-19 (8 of 68)

Chattering Teeth To Gingerbread

gingerbread man, gift, bad idea, chattering teeth, crumb, arm, bite, hurt,

Cookies cartoon # 2013-08-23 (9 of 68)

Fortune Cookie Has Tough Job

fortune, fortune cookie, chocolate chip cookie, predict, job, tough, broken,

Cookies cartoon # 2013-03-20 (10 of 68)

Five-Second  Food Rule Doesn’t Apply with Dogs

dogs, food, crumbs, clean, five-second rule, sanitary,

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