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Christmas or santa

Christmas or santa cartoon # 2014-01-25 (1 of 268)

Snowman Meets Rain Man

frosty the snowman, movie, rain man, dustin hoffman, idiot savant, math, numbers, intelligent, snowf

Christmas or santa cartoon # 2014-01-07 (2 of 268)

Frosty The Zombie

Frosty melts and turns into a zombie.

Christmas or santa cartoon # 2013-12-25 (3 of 268)

Cat Returns Dewey’s Bed

cat, dog, bed, sleep, dewey, christmas, present, return, kind, steal, nap,

Christmas or santa cartoon # 2013-12-24 (4 of 268)

Santa’s Rolling Stones Ringtone

ringtone, cellphone, santa, children, song, want, rolling stones, lyrics,
Christmas or santa

cartoon # 2013-12-22 (5 of 268)

Elves Work To Santa’s Playlist

elves, santa, song, playlist, narcissist, holiday song, toy,

Christmas or santa cartoon # 2013-12-21 (6 of 268)

Gift Warping

gift, wrapping, warping, change, customer service, dissatisfied, read, holiday,

Christmas or santa cartoon # 2013-12-20 (7 of 268)

Fake Water For Tree

fake, christmas tree, water, salesman, sucker, convince, swindle,

Christmas or santa cartoon # 2013-12-19 (8 of 268)

Chattering Teeth To Gingerbread

gingerbread man, gift, bad idea, chattering teeth, crumb, arm, bite, hurt,

Christmas or santa cartoon # 2013-12-18 (9 of 268)

Godzilla’s Advent Calendar

godzilla, dinosaur, advent calendar, christmas, building, door, eat, snack, apartment,

Christmas or santa cartoon # 2013-12-17 (10 of 268)

Christmas Tree’s Acne

2013-12-17, tree, trees, inanimate object, inanimate objects, anthropomorphic, pine, pines, pine tre

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