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Chocolate cartoon # 2014-06-28 (1 of 59)

Charleston Shoes

candy, parody, spoof, brand, charleston chew, charleston shoes, shoe, chewy, leather,

Chocolate cartoon # 2014-05-02 (2 of 59)

Tootsie Roll Complains Of Kiss Intimacy

candy, guest, tootsie roll, hershey kiss, guest, affectionate, intimacy, kiss, complain,

cartoon # 2014-03-23 (3 of 59)

Neopolitan Mouse Flavor

cat, neopolitan, flavor, mouse, color, chase, predator, prey, yummy, tasty, ice cream,

Chocolate cartoon # 2013-11-22 (4 of 59)

Death By Chocolate For Dog

dog, restaurant, order, menu, dessert, chocolate, death, wife,

Chocolate cartoon # 2013-10-31 (5 of 59)

Grim Reaper’s Chocolate Distraction

Grim Reaper gets distracted by trick-or-treat chocolate.

Chocolate cartoon # 2013-08-23 (6 of 59)

Fortune Cookie Has Tough Job

fortune, fortune cookie, chocolate chip cookie, predict, job, tough, broken,

Chocolate cartoon # 2013-05-03 (7 of 59)

Lint Truffles Parody Lindt Truffles

lindt, lint, bellybutton, filling, chocolate, truffle, parody, innie,

Chocolate cartoon # 2013-04-02 (8 of 59)

M&M Pregnant With Peanut’s Peanut

peanut, m&m, baby, ultrasound, fetus, proud, doctor, mr. peanut,

cartoon # 2013-03-17 (9 of 59)

Saint Patrick’s Day Green Character Party

uninvited, character, green, party, saint patrick’s day, pink panther, color, parody,

Chocolate cartoon # 2012-10-31 (10 of 59)

Mom says trick-or-treaters ate candy.

mom, candy, halloween,

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