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Chef cartoon # 2014-09-23 (1 of 48)

Another Cheese Trip

mouse, trap, cheese, cook, chef, wrong, kind, grocery,

Chef cartoon # 2014-09-01 (2 of 48)

Burgers Eaten Before Grilled

dog, grill, barbecue, burger, raw, hungry, before, cook, outside,

Chef cartoon # 2014-07-07 (3 of 48)

Chipmunk Stuffed Cheeks From Buffet

chipmunk, buffet, eat, stuffed, cheat, restaurant, owner, overeat, cheek,

Chef cartoon # 2014-03-18 (4 of 48)

Bart Simpson Hair In Soup

restaurant, service, hair, spike, soup, complaint, bart simpson, chef, cooking,

Chef cartoon # 2014-03-01 (5 of 48)

White Or Brown Mice In Furrito

cat, mouse, type, brown, white, rice, mexican, burrito, furrito, choice, decision,

Chef cartoon # 2014-02-28 (6 of 48)

Hand In Sausage Making

pirate, sausage, prepare, hook, hand, chef, cook, lost,

Chef cartoon # 2013-07-26 (7 of 48)

Mom Bird Uses Regurgitator Helper

mom, bird, dinner, children, feed, cook, regurgitate, hamburger helper,

Chef cartoon # 2013-06-15 (8 of 48)

Waiter apologizes for butterfly shrimp delay while chef tries to catch them.

restaurant, shrimp, butterfly, delay, catch, chef, apology, waiter,

Chef cartoon # 2012-09-03 (9 of 48)

Well Done Graduation

KEYWORD1 2012-09-03 cow cows animal animals mammal mammals anthropomorphic teach

Chef cartoon # 2012-05-28 (10 of 48)

Grill Wiggle Room

KEYWORD1 2012-05-28 cook cooks cooking chef chefs barbeque barbeques barbequing

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