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Catholic cartoon # 2015-02-18 (1 of 39)

Adam Forgets Eve’s Birthday

adam, eve, forget, birthday, born, angry, rib, celebrate, ignore, religion,

Catholic cartoon # 2014-09-12 (2 of 39)

Angels’ Thunderstorm Job

angel, rain, thunderstorm, lightning, job, easy, hard, jealous,

Catholic cartoon # 2014-07-28 (3 of 39)

Increase Angel Cloud Storage

cloud, storage, heaven, angel, god, update, increase, crowded, excess,

Catholic cartoon # 2014-07-14 (4 of 39)

Dog’s Earth Toy

dog, god, creation, earth, planet, toy, drool, wet, surface, water, fetch,

cartoon # 2013-11-10 (5 of 39)

Marshmallow Church Sermon

marshmallow, preach, church, preacher, burn, roast, fire, warn, sermon,

Catholic cartoon # 2013-11-09 (6 of 39)

Devil Angel In Heaven

angel, heaven, good, evil, halo, black, white, unclear,

Catholic cartoon # 2013-04-25 (7 of 39)

Moses Asks God To Send Commandments

moses, religion, ten commandments, send, smartphone, tablet, stone, heavy,

Catholic cartoon # 2012-04-21 (8 of 39)

More Eves

KEYWORD1 2012-04-21 god gods religion religions belief beliefs religious beliefs catholic

Catholic cartoon # 2010-12-20 (9 of 39)

Tempting Santa

KEYWORD1 2010-12-20 christmas holiday holidays santa santa claus claus kris kringle st. nic

Catholic cartoon # 2010-06-15 (10 of 39)

Clicking Congregation

KEYWORD1 2010-06-15 god gods religion religions belief beliefs religious beliefs heaven

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