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Cannibal cartoon # 2014-09-11 (1 of 38)

Praying Mantis Snack

praying mantis, female, snack, crunchy, cannibal, head, eat,

Cannibal cartoon # 2014-05-29 (2 of 38)

Praying Mantis Flossing

praying mantis, dentist, floss, teeth, husband, predator, prey, cannibal,

Cannibal cartoon # 2014-02-28 (3 of 38)

Hand In Sausage Making

pirate, sausage, prepare, hook, hand, chef, cook, lost,

Cannibal cartoon # 2013-10-26 (4 of 38)

Female Praying Mantis As Zombie

Brain eating zombie female praying mantis is no different from regular female mantis.

Cannibal cartoon # 2013-07-17 (5 of 38)

Young Hannibal Lecter Enjoys Breakfast

hannibal lecter, parent, breakfast, eager, troubling, meat, cannibalism,

cartoon # 2012-03-04 (6 of 38)

Carrot Survival

KEYWORD1 2012-03-04 winter snow snowing snowman snowmen cold season seasons

Cannibal cartoon # 2011-11-23 (7 of 38)

Tofurky Texture

KEYWORD1 2011-11-23 thanksgiving holiday holidays turkey turkeys animal animals bird

cartoon # 2009-01-11 (8 of 38)

Hannibal Lepidoptera

KEYWORD1 2009-01-11 clarice butterfly butterflies anthropomorphic hannibal hannibal lechter

Cannibal cartoon # 2007-12-31 (9 of 38)

Mr. Bubble Refuses Bubbly

KEYWORD1 2007-12-31 parody bubble bubbles champagne champagnes peanut peanuts planters

Cannibal cartoon # 2007-02-27 (10 of 38)


KEYWORD1 2007-02-27 island islands desert island deserted island dream dreams dreamed eat

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