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Birthday cartoon # 2015-02-18 (1 of 118)

Adam Forgets Eve’s Birthday

adam, eve, forget, birthday, born, angry, rib, celebrate, ignore, religion,

Birthday cartoon # 2015-02-05 (2 of 118)

Body Armor Gift

cat, armor, gift, protect, claw, scratch, sharp, cat owner, perfect,

Birthday cartoon # 2015-02-03 (3 of 118)

Lego Present

gift, lego, parts, build, disappoint, decide, car, kitchen, airplane, decide,

Birthday cartoon # 2015-01-20 (4 of 118)

The Emperor’s Gfts

emperor, naked, clothes, present, pretend, invisible, queen, fairy tale,

Birthday cartoon # 2015-01-09 (5 of 118)

Cat Surprise Party

cat, surprise, party, mistake, scare, hide, under, bed, birthday,

Birthday cartoon # 2014-07-21 (6 of 118)

Nude Birthday Suit

birthday, party, celebrate, suit, naked, invitation, arrive, theme, pattern, guest,

Birthday cartoon # 2014-06-06 (7 of 118)

Ant Filled Pinata

pinata, game, party, candy, ant, infest, early, break, spill,

Birthday cartoon # 2014-03-19 (8 of 118)

Wrong Cracker For Polly

gift, parrot, polly, nutcracker, cracker, listen, angry, disappointed

Birthday cartoon # 2014-01-09 (9 of 118)

Cat Loses Birthday Present

cat, birthday, present, lost, ran away, mouse, catch, forget, cat owner,

Birthday cartoon # 2013-12-12 (10 of 118)

Parents Stop See-Through Wrapping Paper

present, cheap, wrapping paper, see-through, clothing, teenager, parent, stop,

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