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Answer cartoon # 2014-12-03 (1 of 29)

Cats Raise Paws For Fly

cat, class, raise, paw, teacher, disappointed, answer, catch, distract, fly,

Answer cartoon # 2014-07-29 (2 of 29)

Fortune Cookie Guru

hike, mountain, hiker, guru, fortune cookie, read, advice, disappointment,

Answer cartoon # 2013-09-19 (3 of 29)

Dogs Play Smell Game Show

dog, smell, game show, game show host, choose, choice, answer, win,

Answer cartoon # 2013-05-21 (4 of 29)

Cats Researching Being On Both Sides Of Door

cat, researcher, science, laboratory, door, side, microscope, investigate,

Answer cartoon # 2012-12-29 (5 of 29)

Snowman CarrotTop comedian Charades

snowman, charades, charrot top, comedian,

Answer cartoon # 2012-12-04 (6 of 29)

The Nonthinker vs The Thinker Statue

The Thinker, statue, sculpture, rodin,

Answer cartoon # 2012-10-10 (7 of 29)

Frankenstein solves Einstein’s equation with fire = bad.

Frenkenstein, scientist, equation, fire = bad

Answer cartoon # 2012-01-06 (8 of 29)


KEYWORD1 2012-01-06 computer computers technology software internet www world wide web web

Answer cartoon # 2011-10-13 (9 of 29)

Alex Trebek Makes Out

KEYWORD1 2011-10-13 alex trebek celebrity celebrities game show game shows television televi

Answer cartoon # 2011-09-23 (10 of 29)

Cat Vocabulary Test

KEYWORD1 2011-09-23 teach teacher teachers teaching class classroom classes classrooms

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