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Animals cartoon # 2013-03-23 (201 of 1960)

Bugsy Asks To Be Picked Up

cat, pick up line, mew, attracting, affection,

Animals cartoon # 2013-03-20 (202 of 1960)

Five-Second  Food Rule Doesn’t Apply with Dogs

dogs, food, crumbs, clean, five-second rule, sanitary,

Animals cartoon # 2013-03-19 (203 of 1960)

Turtle’s Surprise Makes Cake Stale

turtles, surprise, cake, jump out, stale, slow,

cartoon # 2013-03-17 (204 of 1960)

Saint Patrick’s Day Green Character Party

uninvited, character, green, party, saint patrick’s day, pink panther, color, parody,

Animals cartoon # 2013-03-15 (205 of 1960)

Ignoring Elephant In Roomba

roomba, vacuum, elephant, ignoring, cleaning,

Animals cartoon # 2013-03-14 (206 of 1960)

Don’t Ask Rabbit About Grandkid

rabbit, reproducing, babies, t shirt, grandchildren, stories,

Animals cartoon # 2013-03-13 (207 of 1960)

Toto Asks Wizard For Liver

wizard of oz, organs, requests, liver, eating,

cartoon # 2013-03-10 (208 of 1960)

Ant And Fly Won’t Let Go

bug, ant, anteater, frog, tongue, catch, romance, hold, save, rescue,

Animals cartoon # 2013-03-06 (209 of 1960)

Snake’s Empty Nest

snake, psycology, therapy, empty nest, eggs, depression,

Animals cartoon # 2013-03-05 (210 of 1960)

Dog Follows On Twitter

dog, calm, following, twitter, status update,

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