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Anger cartoon # 2014-08-28 (1 of 134)

Anger Versus Euphoria Management

pupil, class, emotion, anger, euphoria, learn, cope, manage, opposite,

Anger cartoon # 2014-08-08 (2 of 134)

Superman Thinks Of Escaping Therapy

superman, therapy, lois, psychologist, fly, superhero, escape, problem,

Anger cartoon # 2014-08-02 (3 of 134)

Balloon Leak

balloon, leak, secret, reveal, small, angry, betray,

Anger cartoon # 2014-05-31 (4 of 134)

Online Cat Fights

cat, computer, internet, fight, meow, hiss, discussion, angry, chat,

Anger cartoon # 2014-05-15 (5 of 134)

Dad’s Shell Helmet


turtle, ride, bike, helmet, shell, protection, dad, child, nude, borrow, fit, safety,

Anger cartoon # 2014-05-06 (6 of 134)

Ed Plays Risk

husband, sister, risk, board game, wife, anger, sexy, truth,

Anger cartoon # 2014-04-26 (7 of 134)

Changing Their Locks

goldilocks, three bears, lock, door, hair, cut, change, trespass, prohibit, anger,

Anger cartoon # 2014-03-19 (8 of 134)

Wrong Cracker For Polly

gift, parrot, polly, nutcracker, cracker, listen, angry, disappointed

Anger cartoon # 2014-02-10 (9 of 134)

Angry Birds In Love

angry birds, anger, yell, love, dating, relationships, compliment, video game,

Anger cartoon # 2014-01-17 (10 of 134)

Bat Threatens With Whoop-Head

bat, threat, can of whoop-head, warning, upside down, beat, fight,

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