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American history

American history cartoon # 2013-10-07 (1 of 29)

Columbus Steals Tweet

christopher columbus, tweet, steal, viking, computer, status, update, new world,

American history cartoon # 2013-07-04 (2 of 29)

Young Paul Revere

paul revere, history, young, yellow jacket, chase, warning, hive, run,

American history cartoon # 2013-06-14 (3 of 29)

Dentist Welcoming To Incoming British

dentist, british, paul revere, history, american revolution, welcome,

American history cartoon # 2013-02-18 (4 of 29)

President Hoover Not Known Darn

dam, darn, sewing, president, hoover, history,

American history cartoon # 2012-10-08 (5 of 29)

Columbus feels blue sailing the ocean

Christopher Columbus, sad,

American history cartoon # 2012-02-20 (6 of 29)

Lincoln’s Formal Hat

KEYWORD1 2012-02-20 hat hats abraham lincoln lincoln abe president presidents president&aci
American history

cartoon # 2011-04-24 (7 of 29)

Eggs Benedict

KEYWORD1 2011-04-24 easter egg eggs easter bunny easter rabbit easter bunnies easter rabbits

American history cartoon # 2011-02-21 (8 of 29)

Washington’s Tattoo

KEYWORD1 2011-02-21 president presidents george washington washington tattoo tattoos tattoo

American history cartoon # 2011-02-12 (9 of 29)

Lincoln’s Logs

KEYWORD1 2011-02-12 toy toys log logs log cabin log cabins lincoln log lincoln logs

American history cartoon # 2010-10-11 (10 of 29)

Columbus Costume

KEYWORD1 2010-10-11 columbus columbus day october christopher columbus faye family parent p

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