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  • A probe for Saturn is ready to launch, but the clock on it keeps flashing 12:00.
  • People get ailments associated with their electronics.
  • Computers go to a museum to look at an exhibit of an old "dinosaur" computer.
  • A surgeon decides he can't allow flash photography in the operating room any more.
  • Godzilla, eating the Parker Brothers building, thinks it's a bit gamey.
  • A man accidentally drains the sun by leaving his solar calculator on.
  • A computer needs to expand his memory to be compatible with his wife.
  • Cats think the power button on the answering machine is marked that because turning it off gives them power.
  • A man is surprised that a store has a lifetime guarantee, but his life is about to end.
  • A new phone technology makes you sound like you're sick when you call in sick.
  • Two rabbits are having their picture taken and one gives the other bunny ears.
  • A newsman gets eyes tattooed on his face so he's never looking at the wrong camera.