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  • A woman gets an ultrasound and her unborn child is holding a sign that says "No more chili."
  • A turkey disguises itself as a cat to avoid being killed for Thanksgiving.
  • A computer needs to expand his memory to be compatible with his wife.
  • A homeless cat wants to pee on the rug and claw the furniture of a woman who feeds it.
  • A TV at a bar turns down a remote because she's not into control freaks.
  • Lions see a car with two people in it as half full.
  • A wolf thinks 3 megabytes of RAM is like three bites out of a ram.
  • Hell has boxes with matches in them in case there's no fire.
  • Woman busily typing on a computer accidentally deletes a file, and she reacts with anger by chopping the computer with an ax.
  • Wife tells husband, Albert, that expandability is a good feature for computers, not husbands, just as he has his mouth open extremely wide to eat an entire piece of cake.
  • One pair of pliers tells another pair of pliers that Billy is being punished and can't come out and ply, instead of play.
  • Man at desk is about to seal envelope, tiny man washing envelope's window, man from Bob's Full Service Window Cleaning washing the glass window.