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  • Dentist tells patient he has to remove 3 teeth, they can take care of it without making another appointment, dentist takes boxing gloves from nurse.
  • Man shows off hunting trophies of deer, moose, and stuffed teddy bear head, says bear head was in daughter's crib when he shot it.
  • Myron sitting at bar with tough-looking man with large nose, Myron explaining curveball, wants to demonstrate, implying he is about to grab man's large nose.
  • Turtle trying to reach racing finish line is followed by a Hare Krishna who keeps trying to get his attention and give him pamphlet.
  • In boxing ring, announcer introduces careless bagboy with milk in one corner, loaf of bread in cellophane bag in other corner, bread wants new manager.
  • Man's resume boasts of his beer drinking skills.
  • A basketball player's foot vanishes because he uses cream to make athlete's foot disappear.
  • John McEnroe argues with mother about his bathroom performance.
  • Cupid accidentally grabs his archery bag instead of the magic love arrows.