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  • Terrified man is surprised when walking skeleton gives him a kiss and hug.
  • Mummy child says it smells feet and mummy parent asks if they put their clothes on upside down again.
  • Ghost on computer sorts dating profiles by sheet thread count on dating website.
  • Two mummies wrapped over and under start argument on toilet paper hanging direction.
  • Skeleton bones Skittles candy parody marketing failure.
  • Mummy says get a tomb to couple of mummies making out in public.
  • Haunted town of ghosts on smartphones wont reply to unanswered texts and email messages.
  • Skeleton teeth Heath Bar candy parody marketing failure.
  • Cardboard TP tube audience watches scary toilet paper roll mummy movie.
  • Grim Reaper standing next to smelly grim reeker farts asks if something died.
  • Dog on laptop answers security questions about sniffing, puking and rolling in dead animal.
  • Crow flying over squished snake roadkill invites other crow on a long lunch.