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  • A revolver sits in chair watching TV while thinking how he doesn't need a date because it's good to watch TV alone every weekend.
  • Long and winding roadkill is long snake with his body curved and a tire tread mark running over him.
  • Grim Reaper applies for job at Fred's Funeral Parlor, and man tells him that he is over-qualified.
  • Famous last words from Charles Darwin, Thomas Edison, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Albert Bugleweed, whose last words were "Honey, how's your diet going'".
  • One fowl says since Gregory was cremated, he feels like he is with him - and there is a can of cream of chicken on the mantel.
  • Police officer suspects a copy-cat killing when he finds a dead feline on a copy machine with copies of the cat laying on the floor.
  • Police officer key says the fried key on the ground was last seen with a kite enthusiast named Franklin, implying Benjamin Franklin discovering electricity.
  • Derek is coincidentally about to be killed by a falling safe right as he is literally buying a farm from a farmer.
  • Prison officer mice lead mouse to the electric chair, which is actually a plug-in night light with the bulb taken out.
  • Clyde meets death in the bathroom and they brush teeth together.
  • Magician's Assistant has two small coffins as was sawed in half.
  • Cupid accidentally grabs his archery bag instead of the magic love arrows.