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  • Tiny Tony’s brand parody very thin crust pizza box echoes and needs magnifying glass.
  • Green Giant mascot on smartphone fitness tracker sees 6 steps 38 miles walking distance.
  • Man asks if phones secretly listen to us & smartphone in butt pocket answers don’t be silly.
  • Stealthy slow ninja sloth suddenly builds Lego brick castle without being seen.
  • Man gets scribble drawing face tattoo at take your child to work day special tattoo parlor.
  • Customer marks quotes on gross taste “delicious” apples grocery store sign.
  • Hungry cat wants M bird drawings M&M candies flying out window.
  • Grocery shopping dog buys canned pet food marketed with more disgusting horrible taste for dogs.
  • Customer shops heavy, heavier & heaviest cat & dog sleeping pet weighted blanket selection.
  • Jolly Green Giant veggie brand mascot at urologist has pea in a pee cup urinary health sample.
  • E.R. doctors give hurt Jolly Green Giant vegetable mascot in hospital plant vine iv injection.
  • Dumb Un-Wise Potato chip parody crisps jump out bag tempting dog to catch them.