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  • Reggie has job at framing shop, accidentally breaks glass trying to put frame on, he decides to make it look like his co-worker did it.
  • Man tells co-worker Lynn is on phone, she's coming down with nasty bug, and Lynn is coming down from the ceiling with a giant insect.
  • People in office are frightened when radio station that's supposed to play soft music all day plays "Helter Skelter" by Beatles for April Fools Day.
  • One typewriter tells another her son discovered his Shift key, and now he's starting to say curse words with symbols instead of letters, like #@!%.
  • One clock tells another he's going to ask out Clara in accounting because he's heard she's pretty fast.
  • Man gives presentation about changing next year's cat calendar to reflect real life, such as January: Spunky coughs up furball, March: Clyde misses litterbox.
  • Man at desk is about to seal envelope, tiny man washing envelope's window, man from Bob's Full Service Window Cleaning washing the glass window.
  • Alvin the chipmunk is on talk show telling host he didn't become one of the chipmunks overnight, he worked his way up starting as gofer.
  • Woman in shower calls into work, tells boss she's enjoying her shower too much, she can't make it in before 10:30.
  • Employees at a meeting to improve productivity, one employee suggests skipping these kind of meetings and instead start doing some work.
  • Boss cat upset with employee cat, Crowley, for taking another three catnip lunch, demands key to executive litterbox.
  • Todd at company meeting projects his voice, which projects the words coming out of his mouth onto the wall, so no one can ignore him.