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  • Disguised snake in fake glasses, nose and mustache hides identity from angry Saint Patrick ranting at bar.
  • Woman tells overweight Saint Patrick surrounded by junk food snack wrappers that he is supposed to be ridding Ireland of snakes.
  • Turkey changes picture on Cornell University bird species painting to read bad taste poison lizard bird.
  • Medusa opens a jar of toads to draw her snake hair straight down.
  • Newt at bar tells her friend to watch out for a newt guy giving her the eye and hitting on her.
  • Witch accidentally hits reply all while casting a spell in a duel and turns all of the other witches into frogs.
  • Humid weather makes Medusa’s snake hair curled and frizzy.
  • Medusa decides to go wireless as her earbuds cords tangle her snake hair.
  • Turtles celebrate friend’s 116th birthday.
  • Sea turtle sees a five starfish place to eat.
  • TSA Precheck turtle goes right through airline security without taking off shell.
  • Medusa looks in a mirror and sees she has hat hair.