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  • Cupid accidentally grabs his archery bag instead of the magic love arrows.

  • Monty Hall's house has three front doors.

  • Singer's lyrics reveal that he is having affair with drummer's wife.

  • Plant's plan to grow up to lady flower in planter doesn't factor in toro mower.

  • John McEnroe argues with mother about his bathroom performance.

  • A student in a philosophy class accidentally brings Play-Dough instead of Plato.

  • Boy thinks smoke alarm is a dad cooking alert.

  • Egg goes to beauty salon to get a dye job.

  • Employee considers asking for raise as boss's tie is caught in machinery.

  • Doctor prescribes painful suggestions for patient on April Fools Day.

  • Linus makes giant pumpkin pie from great pumpkin.

  • Salesperson for IRS stamp company can't ever find anyone at home.

You searched for: all cartoons, oldest first