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  • Most New Year's Eves, people party, but at the end of 1999 they stare anxiously at their computer.
  • A mother tries to get the boys to do chores by being a multi-tasker
  • Bartender calls a cab for tooth who's had one too many novocaine shots.
  • Manufacturer gets pot for chicken pot pie by removing pot bellies off chickens.
  • Cat radios back to mission control that due to love and attention they are staying.

  • Santa plays a playlist of songs about himself in his workshop.
  • Giants use air freshener in Blood of an Englishman scent.
  • Witches play prank by putting sign on witch saying "free clothes just add water."
  • One man is critiquing another man's dressing without realizing that his style is so much worse.
  • A lion sings "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" in his sleep.
  • Male fly at party thinks talkative female fly may have compound eyes and a compound mouth.

You searched for: random