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  • Beaker, the roadrunner, and R2D2 get run over because no one can hear them over the beeping of a reversing truck.
  • Ranchers observe what appears to be a bunch of prairie dogs doing the stadium wave.
  • Witch gets excited when she finds gingerbread floor under carpet in house.

  • A team of gators cover their coach with Manade after winning.
  • Two people are squashed after no one mentions the elephant in the room.
  • A snowflake's fortune cookie says it has a 30% chance of falling today.
  • A woman's recipe has cat hair in it because she owns so many cats.
  • Punctuation marks visit Mexico, and notice half of them are upside down there.
  • Murky Way candy parodies Milky Way candy.
  • A squirrel is on jury trial against a dog with whiplash for scurrying past the tethered dog.
  • Scientist testifying in court denies cloning reality tv to lawyer and judge.
  • Leprechauns now host game shows instead of giving gold to people who catch them.

You searched for: random