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  • Christopher Columbus cheats off Leaf Erikson in school, and then does it again in adulthood.
  • Two parents wear riot gear to protect themselves from their daughter, who is about to turn 13.
  • Marching band adds new steps to routine to avoid stepping in horse poop.
  • A feather boa eats the woman looking at it just like a snake.
  • A dog will be dog food if the horse he bet on doesn't win the horse race.
  • God was the original global positioning system.
  • A man's cubicle looks like a Rubiks Cube.
  • Characters go to Betty Rubble Center for mental health and addiction issues.

  • The little bad wolf's sister tattles on him when he blows down Barbie's house and eats the doll.
  • Cats gets high score in video game by doing more of nothing.
  • Perp Shampoo helps the accused create a hairstyle to cover their face for arraignment.
  • People go to Big Sir instead of Big Sur.

You searched for: random