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  • Firefighters are too relaxed by smells when responding to fire at aromatherapy candle store.
  • Fan forgets to wear lucky underwear and player blames loss on him.
  • Cat and bird realize they are watching each other take baths.

  • A man sells his soul online directly to the Devil.
  • Mr. Peanut draws faces on Styrofoam packing peanuts.
  • Medical doctor demands clamp from nurse to stop the juggling balls because the surgeon has to cut open the juggler vein on his patient.
  • A tortoise is homeless outside of a glasses store that sells tortoiseshell glasses frames.
  • Jack eats the magic beans after his mom throws them out the window.
  • The Waltons now say good night by typing instead of hollering across the house.
  • Godilla's mother tells him not to drink out of the container.
  • A flower pretends to be a person by freaking out when a bee lands on it.
  • The doughboy uses Sunbeam bread to scare away a vampire.

You searched for: random