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2016 off the mark
Page-a-Day Desk Calendar

Save: 31% off

All fresh "never-before-on-a-calendar" cartoons!

Start each day with a loopy cartoon or experience the shame of peeking ahead.
Feel powerful as you tear off an entire day bare-handed.  

100% made in the USA,  printed on recycled paper
Feel good about the calendar you buy this year!

$12.95  $11.95 Sale


Cartoons Your Cat Doesn't Want You To See:
An Off the Mark Cartoon Collection

Cartoonist Mark Parisi has put together a collection of over 150 of his favorite color cat cartoons.  Mark uses his zany sense of humor to illuminate the mysteries of the feline species while simultaneously launching us into throes of laughter.

Mark delves deep into the kitty psyche, from its picky eating habits to its tenuous relationship with man's other friend, the dog. You'll learn everything from what pickup lines a cat uses in bars to what they really think about us (in a handy chart!) or what cat scientists are studying in their little cat laboratories.

You want to know more about the real motivations of that furry thing on your couch which you've only been able to guess about until now?

Then grab this book and snuggle up with your own kitty and share a few laughs and some purrs together. Perhaps in the process it will learn a thing or two about you. As if it cared.

Now available at Amazon for the Kindle - click here!

Now available at Barnes and Nobel for the Nook - click here!

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T-shirts, Mugs, and much more!

Lot's of "off the mark" cartoons available on shirts, mugs, totebags,
notepads, framed prints, mousepads, and more. 

Don't see you favorite cartoon in the store, just
email us and
we will set up a store* just for you!

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To order a signed print, search for the cartoon you want, click on the orange button 
and select signed print as your pricing option.
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BOOKS - Paperbacks and E-Books 

Available from & The Wanderer

Chew this Book: 

An off the mark dog cartoon collection book.

The book for the dog lover! "Chew This Book" is packed with all your favorite off the mark dog cartoons.

You'll love
 it and so will your dog. Maybe you should buy two.

Buy the paperback book from

128 pages for $11.92

Buy the e-book from

Think Outside the Cat Box: 

An off the mark feline cartoon collection book.

A great book for the cat lover! 

Nominated by the Independent Publishers Association
for Best Hurmor Book! 

Buy the paperback book from  
142 page for $12.99  

Buy the e-book from

An off the mark computer cartoon collection book.

A great book for the tech lover! 
If you own a computer, call tech support, surf the web, send email, thought you saw a computer once, 
you will relate to the byting humor In fact, your computer doesn't want yo to buy this book.  It would be humiliated.  Now's your chance for paypback. 

Buy the paperback book The Wanderer:
128 pages (10 color)  for $9.95

Available in Retail Stores and Catalogs
greeting cards

Greeting Cards 

"off the mark" greeting cards are sold to retails stores.  
Some of these retailes include: Target, Walmart, and Walgreens.

They are distributed by four companies:

Marian Heath
Oatmeal Studios
Recycled Paper Greetings

Contact these distributors directly if you wish to carry the product lines
in your retail store or if you want to know the retailers who sell the card lines. 




All material herein is © Mark Parisi.
All rights reserved. Any use without permission is prohibited.