Policy on Free Use of Cartoons

We do not provide free usage of our cartoons except as noted below.

All off the mark cartoons are copyrighted with the US Copyright Office.  Any usage, including educational use by a teacher and/or student, social media posting, sharing, and emailing require permission and usage fees unless you use our website share tools.

You may not remove from the website, download, photocopy, scan, hotlink,  screenshot or use any other method in existence now or in the future to obtain an image without permission.  We do not offer a creative commons license for any off the mark cartoon. Thank you for understanding and respecting US copyright law.

We are frequently asked to provide free use for charitable organizations.

We have chosen to support charitable organizations that provide health-related care or research for children.  

If your charity falls within this use, please Contact Us and include in your request,  your charity's name, mission, and how the cartoon(s) will be used.  We will get back to you to let you know what additional information we need to process your request.

Selling the reprint usage rights to use off the mark cartoons is our company's product.  Use without permission is prohibited by  US Copyright Law  and by the  Berne Convention  for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works.