Custom Cartoons, Illustrations
and Modifying Existing Cartoons 

1. Modify An Existing Cartoon

Any existing "off the mark" cartoon can be modified to meet your needs.

The artist will re-letter the captions or even change the gender or ethnicity of the people in the cartoon.  Backgrounds and other elements in the cartoon can also be changed.  Pricing is based on how the cartoon will be used and the production time it will take to modify the cartoon.

To get a quote,  please   Contact the Business Manager   with the following information:

1. Cartoon Number (or description).

2. What you wish to change in the cartoon. 

We will reply back to you within 24 hours with a price quote for the artwork change that would be added to the usage rate.

2. Create Custom Cartoons and/or Illustrations

The cost will depend on the types of usage rights you will require for the cartoon and the type of artwork and cartoon gag writing that is required.
The rates  range from $250 - $2000 USD.

The cartoonist has created custom cartoons for companies that include:
Del Monte, Proctor & Gamble and The United States Military.
 The cartoonist also creates custom cartoons for personal use and small companies. 

Please take a minute to copy the questions below and then go to the customer contact form (link at end of sentence) and paste the Questions and your Answers into the form. 

Custom Cartoon Quote Request link found here.


1. Please indicate the type of drawing you want commissioned:
Humorous Illustration (drawing only) or a Cartoon (illustration and funny text)
______ Cartoon                    ______  Illustration

2. If you want a cartoon (drawing and gag) will you be providing:
______ The concept and text        ______  Just the concept and the artist will develop the text/gag 

3. Please describe the type of illustration or cartoon you want.
Please provide a detailed description including the complexity of the background setting.
For example: A student in a classroom with other students or just a student sitting at a desk.

4. How do you plan on using the images?
(single use such as: brochure, advertising, website, presentation or all rights)?

5. If you do not want all rights and plan on using the image/cartoon for a specific project:

a) If printed, how many copies will be printed?
b) If in an advertisement, what is the circulation of the publication and how many times will it be run?
c) If in a presentation, will it be one time, one year, or all rights?
d) If on a website, one year or all rights?

e) Any other usage?

7. When do you need the completed artwork by?

Please allow 2 business days for an estimate. 

Rush orders are Available. Please call 781-665-4442 (M-F) 9 - 5 pm ET

Custom Cartoon Quote Request link found here.


Thank you for your interest in modifying and/or ordering a customer cartoon or illustration.