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  • Snoopy gets his name from spying on his friends.

  • Watching people run from the water screaming as they remember phones in their pockets is good beach entertainment.
  • A mouse hacks through a maze like Jack Nicholson in The Shining.
  • A dog feels calmer about his owner leaving the house because he follows him on Twitter.
  • Researchers wonder if it's legal for mouse to use pogo stick to get to end of maze.
  • All the paintings collected for Occupy Wall are baroque or broke.
  • Mouse misses the traditional maze when given difficult obstacle course to complete.
  • Ghost watching clouds sees mom ghost spying on her as a cloud.
  • Explorers distracted by water buffalo overlook air buffalo above them.
  • Research mouse has cheese delivered rather than go through maze to get it.
  • Chimpanzees display humor by playing practical joke on Jane Goodall.
  • Man wrongly asks woman when she's expecting and tries to save it by insulting clothes instead.

You searched for: observation