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  • Misspelled famous monuments autocorrected to great whale of China, faster running Moai heads, pee leaking tower of Pisa and stoned hen Stonehenge.
  • Dog misses the point when rude cat barista misspells name stupid jerk wad.
  • Graduation speaker's speech full of spelling errors advises graduates not to be afraid to make mistakes.
  • Brad's misspelling of dollar in The Duller Store sign lost him his job.

  • Coffee shop mistakenly writes Satan on Santa's coffee cup.
  • Dracula laughs about funny bat meme.

  • Man returns headphones that erased his nose because he thought nose-cancelling label was a mistake.
  • At the Starbucks convention, all the name tags are misspelled names.
  • A bank teller corrects a robber's note.
  • A tattoo artist tells a client he wishes his needles had autocorrect.

You searched for: misspelling