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Unsure cartoon # 2013-08-26 (1 of 10)

Dog Unsure How To Interpret Woof

dog, text, smartphone, misunderstand, inflection, woof, sarcastic, communication, woof,

Unsure cartoon # 2013-01-30 (2 of 10)

Damaged Decision-Making Brain

decision, patient, brain, doctor, damaged, unsure,

Unsure cartoon # 2012-12-05 (3 of 10)

Tile Installer Puzzle Pattern

wall tiles, puzzle, patterns, tile installer, construction,

Unsure cartoon # 2012-10-25 (4 of 10)

Mummy Unknown Party Companion

mummy, costume, unknown friend, halloween

Unsure cartoon # 2012-04-17 (5 of 10)

Mirror Relationships

KEYWORD1  2012-04-17  relationship  relationships  date  dates  dating  boyfriend  boyfriends  girlf

Unsure cartoon # 2011-07-11 (6 of 10)

Dog Cone in Bed

KEYWORD1  2011-07-11  dog  dogs  canine  canines  pet  pets  animal  animals

Unsure cartoon # 2011-06-22 (7 of 10)

Go On Stop Sign

KEYWORD1  2011-06-22  dog  dogs  canine  canines  pet  pets  animal  animals

cartoon # 2010-11-14 (8 of 10)

Ice Baseball

KEYWORD1  2010-11-14  sport  sports  athlete  athletes  game  games  team  teams

Unsure cartoon # 1994-05-04 (9 of 10)


KEYWORD1  1994-05-04  2010-07-31 ink  inks  ink pot  ink pots  inkpot  inkpots  inkling

Unsure cartoon # 1993-01-25 (10 of 10)


KEYWORD1  1993-01-25  trick  tricks  tricky  tricked  trickiness  sneak  sneaky  sneakiness

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