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Sauce cartoon # 2009-09-05 (1 of 5)

Angel Eats Wings

KEYWORD1  2009-09-05  i tell you a little barbecue sauce over medium heat  angel  angels  heaven  cl

Sauce cartoon # 2009-02-16 (2 of 5)

Washington’s Sick of Cherries

KEYWORD1  2009-02-16  president’s day  presidents day  george washington  cherry

Sauce cartoon # 2003-12-08 (3 of 5)


KEYWORD1  christmas  holiday  holidays  santa  santa claus  claus  kris kringle  st. nick  song

Sauce cartoon # 1993-09-28 (4 of 5)


KEYWORD1  1993-09-28  richard  macaroni  elbow macaroni  anthropomorphic  food  foods  eat  eating

Sauce cartoon # 1993-07-30 (5 of 5)


KEYWORD1  1993-07-30  tartar  tartar control  tartar control toothpaste  tartar sauce  tartar sauces

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