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Turtles cartoon # 2014-05-15 (1 of 42)

Dad’s Shell Helmet


turtle, ride, bike, helmet, shell, protection, dad, child, nude, borrow, fit, safety,

cartoon # 2013-09-01 (2 of 42)

Turtle Framed For Jumping

line up, identify, animal, turtle, jump, framed, criminal,

Turtles cartoon # 2013-04-16 (3 of 42)

Snapping Turtles Mean At Home

snapping turtle, home, behavior, mean, communication, relationship,

Turtles cartoon # 2013-03-19 (4 of 42)

Turtle’s Surprise Makes Cake Stale

turtles, surprise, cake, jump out, stale, slow,

cartoon # 2013-03-17 (5 of 42)

Saint Patrick’s Day Green Character Party

uninvited, character, green, party, saint patrick’s day, pink panther, color, parody,

Turtles cartoon # 2012-01-09 (6 of 42)

Turtle Sculpture

KEYWORD1  2012-01-09  gift  gifts  present  presents  husband  husbands  wife  wives

Turtles cartoon # 2011-07-29 (7 of 42)

Tortoise Tranquilizer

KEYWORD1  2011-07-29  turtle  turtles  tortoise  tortoises  reptile  reptiles  anthropomorphic  the

Turtles cartoon # 2011-07-08 (8 of 42)

Turtle Shell Game

KEYWORD1  2011-07-08  anthropomorphic  turtle  turtles  game  games  shell game  shell games  shell

Turtles cartoon # 2011-03-03 (9 of 42)

Turtle’s Skylight

KEYWORD1  2011-03-03  turtle  turtles  amphibian  amphibians  anthropomorphic  julius  shell  shells

Turtles cartoon # 2010-05-06 (10 of 42)

Turtle Sandbox

KEYWORD1  2010-05-06  sandbox  sandboxes  kids  kids  child  children  play  plays

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