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Turkeys cartoon # 2013-11-27 (1 of 85)

Turkey Piercings

turkey, piercing, style, generation, old, young, understand,

Turkeys cartoon # 2013-11-26 (2 of 85)

Turkey’s Duck Lips

turkey, self portrait, camera, duck lips, embarrassing,

Turkeys cartoon # 2013-11-23 (3 of 85)

Turkey Yogurt Failure

turkey, yogurt, gravy, dairy, marketing failure,

Turkeys cartoon # 2013-11-21 (4 of 85)

Turkey’s Terrified Selfie

turkey, kill, behead, post, photo, text, phone, terrified,

Turkeys cartoon # 2013-11-18 (5 of 85)

Turkey’s Cavity-oscopy Results

turkey, doctor, results, cavity-oscopy, stuffing, ingredients, patient, thanksgiving,

cartoon # 2013-11-17 (6 of 85)

Creature’s Hand Turkey

creature, fin, handprint, artwork, turkey, recognize, parent, child, school, arts and crafts,

Turkeys cartoon # 2012-11-21 (7 of 85)

Turkey’s Yoga Class

KEYWORD1  2012-11-21  thanksgiving  holiday  holidays  turkey  chop  chopping  ax  axes

Turkeys cartoon # 2012-11-19 (8 of 85)

Turkey Feather Duster

KEYWORD1  2012-11-19  turkey  turkeys  bird  birds  anthropomorphic  clean  cleaning  lazy

cartoon # 2012-11-18 (9 of 85)

Turkey Loses Head Despite Book

turkey, advice, book, head, beheaded, thanksgiving,

Turkeys cartoon # 2012-11-16 (10 of 85)

Turkey’s Axe

KEYWORD1  2012-11-16  turkey  turkeys  bird  birds  animal  animals  anthropomorphic  axe

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