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Toupees cartoon # 2013-01-26 (1 of 9)

Cat Steals Toupee

cat, ruin, guest, relationship, toupee, steal, embarrassment,

Toupees cartoon # 2009-05-02 (2 of 9)

Boss Toupee Hairpiece Askew

KEYWORD1  2009-05-02  I see your shirt is wrinkled you should be more aware of how you present yours

Toupees cartoon # 2004-04-21 (3 of 9)


KEYWORD1  2004-04-21  dating  rug  rugs  carpet  carpets  carpeting  toupee  toupees

Toupees cartoon # 2003-02-05 (4 of 9)


KEYWORD1  2003-02-05  age  aging  autumn  autumn years  scarecrow  the scarecrow  wizard of oz  the

Toupees cartoon # 2000-03-27 (5 of 9)


KEYWORD1  2000-03-27  date  dating  relationship  relationships  hair  bald  baldness  rug

Toupees cartoon # 1998-06-24 (6 of 9)


KEYWORD1  1998-06-24  bird  birds  animal  animals  nest  nests  bird nest  bird nests

Toupees cartoon # 1997-07-28 (7 of 9)


KEYWORD1  1997-07-28   star trek  trekkie  trekkies  space  space exploration  outer space  outer sp

Toupees cartoon # 1996-06-13 (8 of 9)


KEYWORD1  1996-06-13  bug  bugs  parasite  parasites  lice  nit  nits  hair

Toupees cartoon # 1992-09-18 (9 of 9)


KEYWORD1  1992-09-18  bald  baldness  sports fan  sports fans  stadium  stadiums  hair club for men

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