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cartoon # 2013-11-17 (1 of 161)

Creature’s Hand Turkey

creature, fin, handprint, artwork, turkey, recognize, parent, child, school, arts and crafts,

Teacher cartoon # 2013-09-27 (2 of 161)

Students Like Origami Paper Airplanes

teacher, classroom, students, origami, paper airplane, unruly,

Teacher cartoon # 2013-09-09 (3 of 161)

Ignore Teacher

cat, teacher, classroom, student, behavior, ignore, self-centered, praise, learn,

Teacher cartoon # 2013-07-01 (4 of 161)

Principal is not amused by portrait defaced by proud mother’s cartoonist daughter.

Daughter Defaces Principal’s Portrait

Teacher cartoon # 2013-05-28 (5 of 161)

Meditating Cats Question Sounds

meditation, cat, teaching, sound, hairball, yoga, thinking, introspection,

cartoon # 2013-05-05 (6 of 161)

Cat Disobedience School

cat, dog, obedience school, disobey, behave, behavior, learn, school,

Teacher cartoon # 2013-01-24 (7 of 161)

Student Reaches 500 Word Requirement .....

student, teacher, assignment, writing, adjective, noun, descriptive, words, requirement,

cartoon # 2012-10-21 (8 of 161)

Students’ Cave Drawing Pranks Teacher

education, teacher, prank, cave drawing, cave man, naughty

Teacher cartoon # 2012-10-05 (9 of 161)

Clsasrroom Slippery Slope With Gum

teacher, students, gum chewing,

Teacher cartoon # 2012-09-26 (10 of 161)

Grading Self-Grades

KEYWORD1  2012-09-26  teach  teacher  teachers  teaching  class  classroom  classes  classrooms

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