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Sunday cartoons

Sunday cartoons

cartoon # 2012-12-02 (31 of 906)

Spider Department Rescues Woman

spider, fear, phobia, rescue, spider department
Sunday cartoons

cartoon # 2012-11-18 (32 of 906)

Turkey Loses Head Despite Book

turkey, advice, book, head, beheaded, thanksgiving,
Sunday cartoons

cartoon # 2012-11-11 (33 of 906)

Wife Dislikes Light Up Pants

pants, lights, seated, complaining, fashion, clothing
Sunday cartoons

cartoon # 2012-11-04 (34 of 906)

Dog 3-D Glasses Smell Movie

dogs, movie, 3-D glasses, smells, noses, special effects,
Sunday cartoons

cartoon # 2012-10-28 (35 of 906)

Ghost’s Tattoo Comes Off

ghost, tattoo, transparent, halloween, stay, temporary
Sunday cartoons

cartoon # 2012-10-21 (36 of 906)

Students’ Cave Drawing Pranks Teacher

education, teacher, prank, cave drawing, cave man, naughty
Sunday cartoons

cartoon # 2012-10-14 (37 of 906)

Solar Power Pumps

solar power, grades, car, environmental, hybrid, monetize
Sunday cartoons

cartoon # 2012-10-07 (38 of 906)

Kids Color Computer Screen

kids, coloring book, computer, screen, crayons, assume
Sunday cartoons

cartoon # 2012-09-30 (39 of 906)

Green Dye Disguises Leaf Age

youth, tree, leaves, autumn, aging, green dye
Sunday cartoons

cartoon # 2012-09-23 (40 of 906)

Writing Homework Excuse Gets A-

creative writing, grade, stories, excuses, teacher, education, student

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