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cartoon # 2013-12-15 (1 of 13)

Rudolph Replaced By App

reindeer, rudolph, app, smartphone, red, light, replaced, santa, sleigh,

Substitute cartoon # 2013-01-19 (2 of 13)

Okayuns Not A Stand-in For Funyons

snack, okay, funyons, substitute, grocery, shopping,

Substitute cartoon # 2012-12-27 (3 of 13)

Pirate’s head hook for lost hair.

pirate, hook, hair loss,

Substitute cartoon # 2011-11-23 (4 of 13)

Tofurky Texture

KEYWORD1  2011-11-23  thanksgiving  holiday  holidays  turkey  turkeys  animal  animals  bird

Substitute cartoon # 2011-01-24 (5 of 13)

Dog Disposal

KEYWORD1  2011-01-24  dog  dogs  canine  canines  pet  pets  animal  animals

Substitute cartoon # 2009-10-17 (6 of 13)

Courtroom Gavel Boy

KEYWORD1  2009-10-17  gavel boy  courtroom  court  courts  trial  trials  law  lawyer

Substitute cartoon # 2008-02-13 (7 of 13)

Cat Sandpaper Tongue

KEYWORD1  2008-02-13  cat  cats  feline  felines  pet  pets  animal  animals

Substitute cartoon # 2007-10-03 (8 of 13)

Substitute Judge Has No Order in Court

KEYWORD1  2007-10-03  attorney  attorneys  law  laws  legal  lawyer  lawyers  court

Substitute cartoon # 2007-04-03 (9 of 13)


KEYWORD1  2007-04-03  fish  fishes  goldfish  goldfishes  match  matches  find  found

Substitute cartoon # 2006-04-07 (10 of 13)

Umbrella Drink wears Trench Coat

KEYWORD1  2006-04-07  mai tai  mai tais  polynesian  polynesian drink  maitai  maitais  cocktail  co

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