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Studying cartoon # 2014-09-03 (1 of 12)

Desk Bike Combination

class, student, recess, bike, desk, study, eliminate, combine, multitask,

Studying cartoon # 2013-07-24 (2 of 12)

Brain Throb Nerd

nerd, brain, smart, study, admire, brain throb, crush, teenager, love,

Studying cartoon # 2012-07-19 (3 of 12)

Yellow Highlighting

KEYWORD1  2012-07-19  inanimate object  inanimate objects  anthropomorphic  salon  salons  beauty  b

Studying cartoon # 2011-03-01 (4 of 12)

Emmett Gets Extra Credit

KEYWORD1  2011-03-01  emmett  extra  extra credit  grade  grades  teach  teacher  teachers

Studying cartoon # 2010-07-14 (5 of 12)

Jane Goodall Prank

KEYWORD1  2010-07-14  monkey  monkeys  animal  animals  monkey around  practical joke  practical jok

Studying cartoon # 2009-03-04 (6 of 12)

Med Student Studies Grey’s Anatomy

KEYWORD1  2009-03-04  leo misunderstood the assignment to study gray’s anatomy  a

Studying cartoon # 2008-09-18 (7 of 12)

The Fish Won't Eat School Homework

KEYWORD1  2008-09-18  homework  dog  dogs  fishbowl  fish  fishes  the dog ate my homework  mom

Studying cartoon # 2008-09-11 (8 of 12)

Lazy Smartboard Teacher

KEYWORD1  2008-09-11  smartboard  smart board  smartboards  smart boards  classroom  teacher  teache

Studying cartoon # 2000-09-26 (9 of 12)


KEYWORD1  2000-09-26  bathroom  bathrooms  toilet  toilets  restroom restrooms  men's room  was

Studying cartoon # 2000-09-11 (10 of 12)


KEYWORD1  2000-09-11  dog  dogs  canine  canines  pet  pets  animal  animals

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