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cartoon # 2013-08-25 (1 of 19)

Plasticman Envies Stretchy Cat

superhero, cat, stretch, power, sleep, plasticman, parody,

Stretch cartoon # 2012-12-24 (2 of 19)

Spandex Christmas Stocking is cheating

Christmas stocking, presenations, spandex,

Stretch cartoon # 2012-11-21 (3 of 19)

Turkey’s Yoga Class

KEYWORD1  2012-11-21  thanksgiving  holiday  holidays  turkey  chop  chopping  ax  axes

Stretch cartoon # 2010-07-29 (4 of 19)

Modern Candlestick Era

KEYWORD1  2010-07-29  nursery rhyme  nursery rhymes  jack be nimble  jack  candlestick  candlesticks

Stretch cartoon # 2009-10-16 (5 of 19)

Torture Chamber of Commerce

KEYWORD1  2009-10-16  chamber  chamber  torture chamber  torture  money  commerce  currency  finance

Stretch cartoon # 2009-08-04 (6 of 19)

Envelope Yoga

KEYWORD1  2009-08-04  this is going to be a challenging group  yoga  fitness  exercise  exercises  e

Stretch cartoon # 2007-01-19 (7 of 19)


KEYWORD1  2007-01-19  cat  cats  feline  felines  animal  animals  mammal  mammals

Stretch cartoon # 2006-11-21 (8 of 19)

Turkey Stretches before Running

KEYWORD1  2006-11-21  turkey  turkeys  thanksgiving  holiday  holidays  bird  birds  fowl

Stretch cartoon # 2004-11-26 (9 of 19)


KEYWORD1  2004-11-26  thanksgiving  holiday  holidays  elastic  stretch  stretchy  elastic waist pan

Stretch cartoon # 2003-12-02 (10 of 19)


KEYWORD1  workout  workouts  work out  work outs  working out  exercise  exercises  exercising  fitn

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