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Snickers cartoon # 2011-12-06 (1 of 7)

Unimpressed Santa

KEYWORD1  2011-12-06  christmas  holiday  holidays  santa  santa claus  claus  kris kringle  st. nic

Snickers cartoon # 2010-11-29 (2 of 7)


KEYWORD1  2010-11-29  brand  brands  parody  parodies  logo  logos  product  products

cartoon # 2009-09-13 (3 of 7)

Embarrassing YouTube

KEYWORD1  2009-09-13  teach  teacher  teachers  teaching  class  classroom  classes  classrooms

Snickers cartoon # 2009-03-31 (4 of 7)

Mini Golf Windmill Wind Power

KEYWORD1  2009-03-31  mini golf  golf  goofy golf  golfing  wind mill  wind mills  wind power  golf

Snickers cartoon # 2009-03-03 (5 of 7)

Blog Not a Diary

KEYWORD1  2009-03-03  how isabelle found out a blog is not the same as a diary  isabelle  blog  blog

Snickers cartoon # 2008-01-05 (6 of 7)

Footballs Practical Joke

KEYWORD1  2008-01-05  sport  sports  athlete  athletes  game  games  team  teams

Snickers cartoon # 2006-11-01 (7 of 7)

Halloween Leftovers for Dinner

KEYWORD1  2006-11-01  halloween  all hallows eve  holiday  holidays  candy  candies  leftover  lefto

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