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Point cartoon # 2014-05-28 (1 of 21)

Distracted Grim Reaper

grim reaper, death, patient, doctor, distracted, smartphone, wrong, attention,

Point cartoon # 2014-05-22 (2 of 21)

Aiport Insecurity

airport, travel, xray machine, security, laugh, insecure, baggage, embarrass,

Point cartoon # 2014-02-15 (3 of 21)

Jewelry Reward Points

husband, wife, jewelry, store, reward points, question, first, cheat,

cartoon # 2013-11-17 (4 of 21)

Creature’s Hand Turkey

creature, fin, handprint, artwork, turkey, recognize, parent, child, school, arts and crafts,

Point cartoon # 2013-04-10 (5 of 21)

Searchers Mistake Bigcankle For Bigfoot

bigfoot, searching, bigcankle, cankle, forest, pointing, directions, mistake,

Point cartoon # 2012-09-20 (6 of 21)

More Catnip

KEYWORD1  2012-09-20  cat  cats  feline  felines  pet  pets  animal  animals

Point cartoon # 2012-05-21 (7 of 21)

Finger Stylus

KEYWORD1  2012-05-21  computer  computers  technology  software  tablet  tablets  ipad  ipads

Point cartoon # 2011-09-26 (8 of 21)

Devil Body Language

KEYWORD1  2011-09-26  devil  devils  hell  evil  hot  fire  fires  work

Point cartoon # 2011-05-27 (9 of 21)

Ziggy The Pinhead

KEYWORD1  2011-05-27  parody  parodies  ziggy  ziggy the pinhead  pinhead  pinheads  cartoon  cartoo

Point cartoon # 2011-04-16 (10 of 21)

Perfect World Cure

KEYWORD1  2011-04-16  walk  walks  walking  benefit  benefits  benefiting  charity  charities

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