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Genetics cartoon # 2014-06-03 (1 of 59)

Fathered By The Stork

bird, stork, baby, truth, delivery, beak, dad, mom, cheating, genetics,

Genetics cartoon # 2013-04-02 (2 of 59)

M&M Pregnant With Peanut’s Peanut

peanut, m&m, baby, ultrasound, fetus, proud, doctor, mr. peanut,

Genetics cartoon # 2013-03-08 (3 of 59)

Lemon Babies Lead To Suspicion

lemon, baby, cheating, orange, pregnancy,

Genetics cartoon # 2012-07-20 (4 of 59)

Tomato’s Recommendation

KEYWORD1  2012-07-20  science  scientific  scientific research  lab  labs  laboratory  laboratories

Genetics cartoon # 2012-06-18 (5 of 59)

Skinny Genes

KEYWORD1  2012-06-18  fashion  fashions  fashionable  clothes  clothing  garment  garments  family

Genetics cartoon # 2011-06-04 (6 of 59)

Ugly Flower Pollination

KEYWORD1  2011-06-04  flower  flowers  plant  plants  pollen  pollinate  pollinating  reproduce

Genetics cartoon # 2010-11-11 (7 of 59)

Fire Truck Puppies

KEYWORD1  2010-11-11  dog  dogs  canine  canines  pet  pets  animal  animals

Genetics cartoon # 2010-10-04 (8 of 59)

Superman’s Son’s Eyes

KEYWORD1  2010-10-04  parody  parodies  superman  hero  heroes  superhero  superheroes  super hero

Genetics cartoon # 2010-06-22 (9 of 59)

Baby’s Mickey Mouse Ears

KEYWORD1  2010-06-22  family  parent  parents  parenting  mom  moms  mother  mothers

Genetics cartoon # 2009-04-21 (10 of 59)

DNA Box of Chocolates

KEYWORD1  2009-04-21  and right here creamy nougat  dr. gray continues to push his theory that life

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