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Fear cartoon # 2014-03-03 (1 of 114)

Disney Character Zombies

disney, parody, zombie, cartoon, science fiction,

Fear cartoon # 2014-01-31 (2 of 114)

Dyslexic Jason

jason, nightmare on elm street, horror, dyslexia, backwards, friday, 31st, 13th,

Fear cartoon # 2014-01-14 (3 of 114)

Chess Pieces Watch Taken

chess, chess piece, king, queen, knight, rook, bishop, pawn, taken, movie,

Fear cartoon # 2014-01-07 (4 of 114)

Frosty The Zombie

Frosty melts and turns into a zombie.

Fear cartoon # 2013-12-13 (5 of 114)

Christmas Treet  Horror Story

pine tree, scared, story, legend, campfire, horror,

Fear cartoon # 2013-08-17 (6 of 114)

Dogs Mishear Rabid For Rapid

dog, party, rabid, rapid, misheard, worry, rabies, infectious, greyhound,

Fear cartoon # 2013-08-16 (7 of 114)

Book Worries About Being Obsolete

broom, book, fear, drink, wallow, sad, worry, obsolete, reassure,

Fear cartoon # 2013-08-06 (8 of 114)

Cat In Burglar’s Lap

cat, burglar, thief, lap, purr, steal, caught,

Fear cartoon # 2013-07-20 (9 of 114)

What Clothes Say

paranoia, clothes, closet, gossip, nick, mental health, suspect,

Fear cartoon # 2013-07-11 (10 of 114)

Caterpillar Afraid Of Change

caterpillar, butterfly, change, metamorphosis, afraid, fear,

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