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Farmer cartoon # 2013-07-29 (1 of 42)

Mootrogena Parodies Neutrogena Hand Cream

cow, hand cream, mootrogena, brand, parody, moisturizer, hand, neutrogena,

Farmer cartoon # 2011-03-24 (2 of 42)

Farm-Raised Shrimp

KEYWORD1  2011-03-24  farm  farms  farm raised  shrimp  shrimps  farm raised shrimp  farmer  farmers

Farmer cartoon # 2010-11-18 (3 of 42)

Old McDonald’s Sound Proofing

KEYWORD1  2010-11-18  song  songs  nursery rhyme  nursery rhymes  sing song  old macdonaldâ&eu

Farmer cartoon # 2010-08-06 (4 of 42)

Farmer Plays Officeville

KEYWORD1  2010-08-06  computer  computers  technology  software  hardware  internet  www  world wide

cartoon # 2009-11-22 (5 of 42)

Turkey Orders Pizza

KEYWORD1  2009-11-22  pizza  pizzas  delivery  deliveries  thanksgiving  holiday  holidays  turkey

Farmer cartoon # 2009-11-16 (6 of 42)

Liven Up Turkey

KEYWORD1  2009-11-16  101 ways to liven up your turkey  turkey  cookbook  turkeys  cookbooks  holida

Farmer cartoon # 2009-08-05 (7 of 42)

Heads Not Bodies of Lettuce

KEYWORD1  2009-08-05  lettuce farm  the good part  lettuce farms  tractor  tractors  farmer  farmers

Farmer cartoon # 2008-11-25 (8 of 42)

The meaning of Old MacDonald's E.I.E.I.O.

KEYWORD1  2008-11-25  farm  farms  farmer  farmers  farmers' wife  farmer's wives  old mac

Farmer cartoon # 2008-04-12 (9 of 42)

Evolution for Cows

KEYWORD1  2008-04-12  cow  cows  farmer  farmers  bovine  bovines  animal  animals

Farmer cartoon # 2008-01-23 (10 of 42)

Alternative Ending for Charlotte's Web

KEYWORD1  2008-01-23  charlotte  charlotte's web  web  webs  spider  spiders  spider's web

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